Yahoo! Buys Tumblr: How much is 100 million users worth?

Yesterday Yahoo! agreed to purchase the very popular blogging site Tumblr for $1.1 billion cash. In terms of today’s high price acquisitions, anything around $1.0 billion does not seem to be that large anymore (respective to the scale of today’s businesses). However, when looking at Tumblr from an ROI perspective, Tumblr only generated about $14 million in revenue in 2012. Continue reading Yahoo! Buys Tumblr: How much is 100 million users worth?

Social Media Campaign Kickoff

Today, we are kicking off our Social Media Marketing Campaign (SMC). After six months of “heads down” development, we are ready to begin the process of socializing our solution and building a community, in preparation for the upcoming launch of our solution – the Decision Optimization EngineTM.

Our SMC will focus on several social media channels and messaging strategies designed to explain the vision, the power of the Decision Optimization EngineTM, and generate interest in our growing community of intelligent decision-makers. We will be posting blog entries on, posting to Facebook and Reddit, and Tweeting on a regular basis. We will also be looking for opportunities to interact on a variety of sites that host content that is compatible with our messaging strategy and mission.

We want to hear from you, understand your questions, and provide you with a clear picture of what we will accomplish with your support. We think that we are building a unique solution that will be appealing to many people and help improve the way people make decisions. Stay tuned…