Black and White or Gray All Over: Why Decision-Making is Hard for Some

“We can either see our circumstances in terms of destiny, misfortune, or choice. And if we see it in terms of choice, we can start to think about all the things that are still possible, and use that to empower ourselves,” — Sheena Iyengar, S.T. Lee Professor of Business in the Management Division of the Columbia Business School.

The word “decision” comes with a slew of synonyms: determination, finding, judgment, selection, outcome, resolution, verdict, choice. With numerous ways to qualify one concept, it’s no surprise that for some, the ability to make a decision comes with an equally arduous process. Continue reading Black and White or Gray All Over: Why Decision-Making is Hard for Some

Collective Intelligence in the Database

I’ve worked for several predictive analytic/data modeling/artificial intelligence companies, and here at inqiri, we’re doing things a little differently.  We are utilizing the core functionality of database systems to efficiently process large sets of data and return meaningful results to our inqiri members. Continue reading Collective Intelligence in the Database

Groups Make Better Decisions

Our approach to optimizing the decision-making process is a unique application of collective intelligence reinforced by synthetic intelligence (AI) techniques. We have done an extensive amount of research and analysis to convert theory into a practical application. Working at the forefront of cognitive science and technology, it is reassuring when recent research supports the fundamental principles of our solution. Continue reading Groups Make Better Decisions