inqiri Part of Reno’s Economic Growth

Check out the Reno Gazette-Journal’s article to see the impact of Reno’s Start-Up community on the economic development of the area. James Elste, CEO of Reno Start-Up “inqiri,” was a leader in organizing what locals now know as Start-Up Row. Inqiri is also among one of the four recognized startup companies recognized by Governor Brian Sandoval as a forerunner in creating new jobs. To read about inqiri’s impact on the local economy, take a look at the article above.

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Twenty Under 40 get their big party

The Twenty Under 40 is an honorary award given to 20 of the of the Reno-Tahoe area’s outstanding leaders each year. To select the winners, the sponsors harnessed the power of collective intelligence through inqiri’s web based collaborative decision-making tool to pick the winners that the crowd believed were the most deserving. Check out the Reno Gazette-Journal’s article to review how inqiri helped the sponsors implement an effective decision-making process to arrive at the most deserving winners.

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Greek Ladders Partners with inqiri

Greek Ladders provides a platform to help young job seekers connect with employers in their area. Employers can use it to screen candidates to ultimately select the ones who they believe best fit with their company culture. Greek Ladders recently partnered with inqiri to better understand the core needs of both the employer’s and candidates to improve the decision-making process behind matching employer’s with the correct job applicant.

The inqiri solution provides organizations with a structured, objective, rational technique for improving decisions. To find out more about how the technology behind inqiri can greatly improve the results of effective decision-making, read more at Greek Ladders

Nevada Sagebrush Coverage of Pack Internship Program

On Tuesday, October 7th, The Associated Students of the University of Nevada launched the Pack Internship Grant Program. This program connects students with 1 of 12 local businesses that partnered with the Associated Students of the University of Nevada and The Nevada Career Studio to provide internship opportunities. The program benefits both the students and organizations by providing a real world environment for the students to practice the knowledge they learned in the classroom, as well as equipping the organizations with emerging talent who can make a real difference to their company. James Elste, inqiri CEO, is among one of the business leaders who has partnered with the Career Studio to hire local talent. Take a look at this article to see how inqiri has contributed to making this program a success.

inqiri Chosen for Pack Internship Program

The Associated Students of the University of Nevada is investing in creating paid internship opportunities for the students of UNR. The implementation of this program hopes to provide incentive for graduates to contribute to the local workforce upon graduation by allowing students to connect with local businesses while attending the university. Inqiri is among one of the 12 businesses supporting this internship program. Read how Reno’s local businesses are investing in future leaders to spur economic growth.

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Fighting brain drain in Reno

The city of Reno has been developing programs to attract and maintain higher levels of individuals with college degrees. Have a look at the programs being created to connect local businesses with current college students in an effort to demonstrate the true opportunity that resides in Reno, including inqiri’s leading efforts in the creation of Start-Up Row and their competitive intern opportunities.

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inqiri’s Role in Local Reno Growth

As a leader of real estate development firm Reno Land & Cattle, Vince Griffith conveys his vision of developing the economic condition of Reno through investing in commercial real estate in the downtown area. Griffith believes in housing many of the local Start-Ups as they continue to prosper and contribute to Reno’s quickly developing economy. Check out this article to read about inqiri’s role in Griffith’s vision.

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