The Power of a Well-Designed User Interface

Last week I wrote about the work we are doing on the algorithms that are a critical component of our solution. This week I wanted to focus on the work we are doing on the design front, and highlight our efforts to create a simple, functional user interface. In particular, I am convinced that a well-designed UI is a powerful part of the overall solution.

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Social Media Campaign Editorial Topics

We are a couple of weeks into the social media marketing campaign and have been busy creating content, making blog posts, tweeting, and building a following. In this post, we felt it would be helpful to provide a preview of upcoming posts and explain our choice of topics. Continue reading Social Media Campaign Editorial Topics

Working Through the Details of Decision Optimization

As mentioned in a previous post, we are spending a significant amount of time refining the algorithms that drive the Decision Optimization Engine™. We all realize that the heart of the solution is the statistically valid interpretation of large amounts of user input and data. Ensuring this functions correctly involves long hours, and we have enlisting the support of a few individuals with strong backgrounds in mathematics and computer science. They have contributed to the process of validating our approach, and this post is our way of acknowledging the importance of this work and our appreciation of their support.

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Decision Optimization Engine Development Update

Just a quick update on development progress. We have been following a lean startup and agile development process from the start and are in the final few iterations (scrums) of the development program. Our target has been a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), as defined in The Lean Startup, which will demonstrate the functionality of our Decision Optimization Engine TM, and serve as the basis for future development activities. Continue reading Decision Optimization Engine Development Update

My Perspective on “The Startup Conference”

Travis and I attended The Startup Conference in Redwood City, CA on Thursday and had an interesting experience learning from other entrepreneurs, members of the startup community, and venture capitalists. This one-day event included a keynote address from Stanford’s Visiting Entrepreneur, a variety of panel sessions, and a startup “pitch” contest. As a longtime technology professional, who has attended and presented at a number of technical conferences, I found it a unique and insightful view into the world of startups.

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Social Media Campaign Kickoff

Today, we are kicking off our Social Media Marketing Campaign (SMC). After six months of “heads down” development, we are ready to begin the process of socializing our solution and building a community, in preparation for the upcoming launch of our solution – the Decision Optimization EngineTM.

Our SMC will focus on several social media channels and messaging strategies designed to explain the vision, the power of the Decision Optimization EngineTM, and generate interest in our growing community of intelligent decision-makers. We will be posting blog entries on, posting to Facebook and Reddit, and Tweeting on a regular basis. We will also be looking for opportunities to interact on a variety of sites that host content that is compatible with our messaging strategy and mission.

We want to hear from you, understand your questions, and provide you with a clear picture of what we will accomplish with your support. We think that we are building a unique solution that will be appealing to many people and help improve the way people make decisions. Stay tuned…