Patrick Lee, Talks Music, Toys, and Fatherhood at Whiskey Wednesday

Patrick Lee Gets It

Self-proclaimed geek and human resources nightmare, inqiri’s lead developer, Patrick Lee, had quite the colorful resume before joining the team. He played percussion and toured with a band from the Midwest, playing with the likes of Jake Owen, Charlie Daniels, and the Reverend Horton Heat. After switching majors from music to computer science, and a brief hiatus from school, Lee graduated from Wilberforce University and shortly afterwards, he moved to Reno. Continue reading Patrick Lee, Talks Music, Toys, and Fatherhood at Whiskey Wednesday

November 11 – James Elste and Travis Schwieger at Tahoe Silicon Mountain

Cognitive Extension, Inc. CEO James R. Elste, and Chief Data Architect Travis Schwieger will be exploring collaborative decision-making and collective intelligence at a meeting of Tahoe Silicon Mountain on Monday, November 11th.

Tahoe Silicon Mountain is a group of “Silicon Valley-Type” individuals who live in (or frequently come to) the Truckee-Tahoe region.

The event will be held 6-8 pm at Pizza on the Hill, in Tahoe Donner at 11509 Northwoods Blvd., Truckee.

For more information about the event, visit the Tahoe Silicon Mountain website.

inqiri Unleashes The Torin

Torin Emard, inqiri Launch

In the winter of 2013, Truckee Meadows Community College student, Torin Emard saw job postings for two different positions at a new Reno start-up company. With just one semester of web development classes under his belt, Torin inquired into one of them. Over the next several months, Torin joined other students interning at this start-up company, competing for the opportunity to complete various tasks.

By summer, Torin was the only student still working at inqiri.  He now works alongside the team as a developer and is fondly referred to as, “The Torin.” His Whiskey Wednesday story is about the many lessons he has had to learn in a very short time: Continue reading inqiri Unleashes The Torin

Seth Voltz Joins inqiri Team

Seth at Launch Party

On July 20th, inqiri CEO and founder, James Elste, invited Seth Voltz to join the inqiri team. Seth joined the team during a critical time, the Alpha Hackfest, and brought a new perspective to the inqiri solution. He is a self-proclaimed, “jack-of-all trades,” and in just three short months has accomplished a number of different projects for the company. Seth has built out the interface design and worked on the functionality of the application. Most recently, his role has transitioned to working on the advanced analytics system with Chief Data Architect and co-founder Travis Schwieger.

Seth took a pause from Whiskey Wednesday to answer five questions about joining the inqiri team: Continue reading Seth Voltz Joins inqiri Team

Reno City Council Supports Local Startup Community

Jim Elste - Reno Startups

This Wednesday I had an opportunity to provide testimony in support of a two hundred thousand dollar contract that will provide a funding source for startup accelerators in Reno.

On Wednesday, October 9th, the Reno City Council approved a contract to allocate $200,000 of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. With wide support from local entrepreneurs, this contract represents a step towards providing greater support for local startups, and the opportunity to grow the Reno startup community.

It was great to see the Reno City Council recognize the important role that the startup community plays in the local economy.  This contract and future local startup funding sources will help accelerate the development of local startups. Companies that don’t want to move to the Bay area or other locations, but want to stay, grow and contribute to the Reno economy.

With a focus on growing the technology economy, Reno continues to benefit from fostering the development of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. It was a privilege to be able to lend my voice and testify in support of this contract.

You can see the video (starting at 1 hour and 5 minutes) in the Reno City Council video archive.

inqiri Featured on Local News

inqiri News Coverage

It has been an exciting start to the week at inqiri, performing interviews for both KTVN and KOLO news on Monday.

KTVN visited the inqiri offices Monday morning to record a piece on the inqiri solution and conduct an interview on innovation in the local startup community. Speaking with reporter John Potter, the inqiri team had the opportunity to explain the concept behind inqiri, the problem it solves, and why inqiri chose Reno as headquarters. Continue reading inqiri Featured on Local News

inqiri Celebrates Launch

inqiri launch party awards

Months of work to launch inqiri at TechCrunch Disrupt SF last week have culminated with the inqiri launch party held in Reno on Wednesday, where friends, family, and colleagues joined in the celebration. In addition to delicious food and drinks, guests received an inside look at the last 9 months of the company, from first concept to launch, though a ceremony to recognize contributors to the inqiri project. Continue reading inqiri Celebrates Launch

TechCrunch Launch Wrap-up

Travis and Jim at TechCrunch Disrupt

We are back in Reno after a few exciting days at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013 conference. From our perspective the conference was a success. It was a great experience and an excellent launching pad for the production release of the inqiri solution. We are now officially launched, the site is live, and we are starting to see people using inqiri. Continue reading TechCrunch Launch Wrap-up

On the Eve of Launch

It is not hard to imagine how astronauts feel the night before they launch. We are on the eve of our launch at TechCrunch and the anticipation is running high. We have checked and rechecked the systems, loaded all our gear for the exhibit space, and packed our bags for the trip into San Francisco (actually about the same distance as a trip to the International Space Station, in vertical miles). We are ready. Continue reading On the Eve of Launch

All Systems GO for Launch…

We have been trying to blog in a consistent, regular manner, but over the course of the last few weeks things have gotten quite busy and our blogging has suffered. This post will attempt to catch up on some of the exciting news, and set the stage for the upcoming launch of inqiri. Continue reading All Systems GO for Launch…