Fewer steps, better analytics. New inqiri improvements

The team at inqiri has been hard at work in sunny Reno, pushing up many improvements and optimizations to the inqiri application. Here are a few highlights from the past two months:

Two-step Process

Following customer feedback and suggestions, the inqiri process has been greatly streamlined. The new process has combined the previous two steps for criteria and options into a single step each. You can now search, add and rate all on one screen.

Two-step Process

Pagination of Criteria

By popular request, we now offer the ability to page through the entire list of criteria on an inqiri so you can pick and choose what to rate with ease.

Paging Through Criteria

Multi-page Printing for Analytics

We now support multi-page PDFs for those charts that have many options or criteria.

Multi-page PDFs

Improved IE9 Support

Behind the scenes we have been improving stability and support for older browsers. While inqiri is a modern application that uses some of the latest and greatest the Web has to offer, we understand that not every environment can run the latest browsers. We support the complete inqiri process on Internet Explorer 9 or greater, as well as Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.


Not all of the features are visual in nature. The team has been working to optimize the behind the scenes processing too, so now the inqiri system delivers a more smooth and fluid experience.

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