Greek Ladders Partners with inqiri

Greek Ladders provides a platform to help young job seekers connect with employers in their area. Employers can use it to screen candidates to ultimately select the ones who they believe best fit with their company culture. Greek Ladders recently partnered with inqiri to better understand the core needs of both the employer’s and candidates to improve the decision-making process behind matching employer’s with the correct job applicant.

The inqiri solution provides organizations with a structured, objective, rational technique for improving decisions. To find out more about how the technology behind inqiri can greatly improve the results of effective decision-making, read more at Greek Ladders

Why Addressing the “Silent Complaints” through an Online Collaborative Platform is the Most Effective Method

Forbes recently investigated an extremely common issue for businesses: the sleeping challenge for user experience departments known as “silent complaints.” This type of negative feedback offers extremely constructive insight but is often never brought to the attention of the business itself. Why? Most customers simply choose to take their business elsewhere when they encounter an undesirable business experience rather than actually alerting the business to the mistake.

This leaves companies in the dark and unaware of revenue draining problems and causes customers to leave, and likely a large portion of these problems can be very quickly fixed. Being able to tap into this type of feedback is extremely valuable because it enables a business to understand how to improve the user experience of a product and prevent the unnecessary loss of sales.

INQIRI provides an anonymous platform for user feedback so that businesses can gain insights for improvements and later innovate based on how customers are using products. After eliciting the feedback from consumers, businesses can then evaluate the new ideas early and often, enabling them to get the right ideas to market faster. The feedback process of INQIRI also helps to make customers feel important and valued, letting companies build stronger relationships with their markets and create brand loyalty.

With INQIRI, no longer is it only the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

Does your company have a nagging area of complaints that could use some customer insight? Please comment below.


“Brands Can Drive Growth And Retention By Addressing Silent Complaints.”Forbes. Forbes Magazine, n.d. Web.

Nevada Sagebrush Coverage of Pack Internship Program

On Tuesday, October 7th, The Associated Students of the University of Nevada launched the Pack Internship Grant Program. This program connects students with 1 of 12 local businesses that partnered with the Associated Students of the University of Nevada and The Nevada Career Studio to provide internship opportunities. The program benefits both the students and organizations by providing a real world environment for the students to practice the knowledge they learned in the classroom, as well as equipping the organizations with emerging talent who can make a real difference to their company. James Elste, inqiri CEO, is among one of the business leaders who has partnered with the Career Studio to hire local talent. Take a look at this article to see how inqiri has contributed to making this program a success.

inqiri Chosen for Pack Internship Program

The Associated Students of the University of Nevada is investing in creating paid internship opportunities for the students of UNR. The implementation of this program hopes to provide incentive for graduates to contribute to the local workforce upon graduation by allowing students to connect with local businesses while attending the university. Inqiri is among one of the 12 businesses supporting this internship program. Read how Reno’s local businesses are investing in future leaders to spur economic growth.

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