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Employee engagement is a hot topic in the business world today. Company leaders are constantly seeking ways to improve employee engagement. A mind-boggling 88% of employees don’t have passion for their work. According to research conducted by the Gallup organization, employee disengagement costs U.S. companies $350 billion dollars annually.

One of the big disconnects between an employee and employer is due to the old management paradigm of command and hierarchy. This old style of management gives the executives at the top of the hierarchy essentially all of the power in the company and leaves the lower level employees without a voice. The repercussions are too big to be overlooked. Without a voice employees are now going to work every day, unhappy and stressed out. This has led to a huge decrease in employee engagement.

In this constantly changing business world, providing a means for employees to communicate their ideas is essential to developing the economic growth that every organization strives for.

The report by think tank Tomorrow’s Company, employment relations firm and professional services firm Tower Watson, provides key findings regarding voice in the workplace. For one, voice increases employee engagement, enables effective decision-making and drives innovation. Most firms will acknowledge the importance of having policies in place to encourage employee engagement, but not so many are actively taking action to encourage employees to voice their opinion and contribute in a meaningful way. A second finding was that authenticity and trust are essential. The employees need to feel safe and valued when voicing their opinion. Last but not least, organizations need to use a variety of channels to access employee voice, and ensure they support both the individual and collective voice of the employees.

At inqiri, we seek to serve organizations by providing an efficient an effective platform for employees to voice their ideas. Management could use inqiri to ask a question such as “What is the best way to increase employee satisfaction?” The employees could then participate in the inqiri by first providing the criteria they believe to be important pertaining to the particular question. Criteria can be defined as a rule or principle for the evaluation or testing of something. In regards to the inqiri, an employee may feel that teamwork is important to employee satisfaction. The employee could then select a criterion such as collaboration and rate it based on how important they think it is to the decision being made. The employee can also view and rate criteria submitted by other employees that they may have not thought of, but still believe to be important.

The next step in the inqiri process would be to choose and rate options. An option is anything that one believes would be a good choice for the decision. In the inqiri process, any option has the potential to be one that no one else has thought of, but ends up being the preferred option among the group. Referring to the question about the best way to increase employee satisfaction, an employee may suggest that management provide a platform for employees to voice their opinion, such as inqiri. The employee can then view and rate the options that other participants have submitted that they have not thought of.

The final step of the inqiri would be viewing the results. Management could view the results in the form of visual analytics to provide a quick and easy way to understand the voice of their employees. They would be able to see the top options, as well as the collective value placed on the criteria relative to each option to get an understanding of the “why” behind the decision. Management may find that what employees feel is important to increasing satisfaction is very different from their views and opinions. Using inqiri would provide an efficient way for employees to voice their opinion and would provide management with real time data to take action and increase the employees’ level of satisfaction.


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