Big Data Makes Better Decisions and Drives Retention

In the technology industry, big data has been compared to oil as the next great natural resource, according to Forbes. The buzz around this new resource can be found anywhere and everywhere, and for good reason—big data holds the key to understanding every measurable aspect of a business, from finding ways to increase sales and revenue to improving customer satisfaction.

But big data isn’t just helpful when it comes to customer retention. Data is an increasingly crucial asset in the human resources industry for slowing employee turnover and driving retention. Big data is known to foster culture within a company, and those than can tap into the power of quantitative analytics are able to boost employee engagement and keep top performing employees. Large companies like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook have been harnessing big data to create more personalized customer experiences, but the idea of big data can be daunting for smaller enterprises.

INQIRI enables smaller enterprises to utilize big data in a convenient and practical way. The platform allows qualitative opinions on business processes to be converted to quantitative figures in order to make more sense of all the feedback. Our pertinent analytics can model and present the data so that it can be interpreted and applied to future operations. In this way, INQIRI helps businesses identify their strengths and weaknesses within the fields of employee engagement and customer satisfaction, driving retention on both sides of the company.

Better decisions require big data—and software that knows what to do with it.

How can your company use big data to improve employee and customer retention? Please comment below with your answers!


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inqiri is a web application on the leading edge of cognitive science. Combining the insights of collective intelligence with the power of synthetic intelligence, inqiri helps optimize the decision-making process.

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