How to Improve Employee Engagement by Opening Communication Channels

Recently the Harvard Business Review posted an article about boosting employee engagement, while subsequently increasing levels of customer satisfaction. As states in the article, “companies with energized, motivated employees make an extra effort to create a superior experience for customers, who in turn reward the company with intense loyalty and contributions to its profit growth.” By giving lower-level management the task of motivating and energizing employees, businesses can help bring the communication sphere from the upper levels of management down to the employees themselves. In order to retrieve honest and accurate feedback, the channels of communication should be focused around the employees themselves and finding new, innovative ways to improve engagement.

Employee surveys have long been the favored strategy among upper-level management to acquire feedback and engage employees. The idea of conducting regular “pulse checks” is crucial to employee engagement, but online surveys make participation an inefficient process that leads to inaccurate results. Online surveys tend to collect information on what management thinks might be the problem and not what employees know is the problem. In order to tap into the latter, a collective intelligence platform is much more appropriate and effective. Employees should have the power to create and rate the best ways to encourage workplace enthusiasm instead of merely providing feedback on the shortcomings of the current processes. Collective intelligence helps the workplace as a whole to find the best solution for engaging and energizing employees.

INQIRI is the collective intelligence application that can effectively move the sphere of communication down to the employee level. Our software allows users to generate and evaluate options in real time to create a streamlined channel of communication. When employees are able to voice their opinions in an unbiased and anonymous setting, the barriers to engagement are lifted. Ultimately, INQIRI provides the tool for increasing engagement, motivation, and energy for the entire workplace.

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