inqiri’s Upcoming Year Improving Decisions

In 2014, the inqiri blog will be elaborating on a variety of topics related to improving decisions.

Over the past year, the inqiri blog approached topics we knew would help readers better understand the core concepts driving inqiri’s mission to improve decision-making. Posts that covered topics such as understanding how the brain becomes mentally exhausted if subjected to making too many decisions and how the brain tends towards deviations in judgment known as cognitive biases. Along with a variety of other important topics that highlight the value of the inqiri solution for individuals and businesses.

This year, the inqiri blog will expand on these decision-making topics, present new ideas and ways of looking at the inqiri solution, and explore the practical applications in business intelligence and market research. We will be bringing you well researched and timely pieces every month and encourage you to check out our posts on the second Tuesday of every month. Here’s a preview of what we will be covering.

Next month, we will be reviewing the concept of cognitive bias, a topic we first approached back in November. There are dozens of cognitive biases; the tricks the mind plays that ultimately result in forming illogical conclusions and flawed approaches to decision-making. Exposure to the problem of cognitive bias is crucial for understanding how collective intelligence offsets bias in decision-making.

In March, we will describe the benefits of collective intelligence and how inqiri achieves these benefits through a web application. By combining ­­a multi-criteria decision analysis process with an easy-to-use web application the inqiri solution unlocks the potential of collective intelligence.

Later in the spring, we will focus on showing how detailed analytics of large quantities of data enhances business decisions. A 2014 prediction set forth by the International Institute for Analytics and discussed in a recent article published by Forbes, outlined how, “companies in a variety of industries will increasingly use analytics on the data they have accumulated to develop new products and services.” [1] The inqiri solution is the premiere application providing advanced analytics for business decisions. We are really looking forward to presenting some of the latest research into big data, analytics and decision-making on the inqiri blog.

The first of these pieces, describing the intersection between collective intelligence and business intelligence will be posted in April.  In May, we will show how businesses and individuals alike can maximize the number decision alternatives through an objective collection process. To end the first half of the year, we will take our first look at how inqiri affects market research.

We are also excited to keep bringing you news of inqiri’s triumphs, our efforts to foster entrepreneurship in the Reno area, and other news from Startup Row.

We welcome any suggestions for topics in the areas of business intelligence, collective intelligence, and decision optimization.  As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback and opinions. If you are interested in reading about other topics or would like to provide any feedback on the posts here on the inqiri blog, please contact:

Experience inqiri for yourself.

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inqiri is a web application on the leading edge of cognitive science. Combining the insights of collective intelligence with the power of synthetic intelligence, inqiri helps optimize the decision-making process.

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