inqiri’s First Live Tweeting Event

With the year quickly coming to a close, the inqiri team is looking forward to setting goals and strategies for the upcoming year. One of these goals is to continually find new ways to engage other like-minded individuals and organizations.

In line with this mission, the inqiri team participated in our first, “live-tweeting” event by tuning into a webinar hosted by Harvard Business Review. The webinar, “Calculating Success: Use Workplace Analytics to Revitalize Your Organization,” featured Carl Hoffman, the former Partner and Vice President of IBM’s Global Business Services group. It was an interesting first foray for the inqiri team to participate in such an event. With the exception of one other organization, the inqiri team appeared to be the only company taking the opportunity to live-tweet the event. While listening to Mr. Hoffman’s presentation, our goal was to produce thoughtful and meaningful contributions to the discussion.

What the inqiri team learned from this first venture was the importance of hearing other ideas regarding business management. The inqiri solution is a fundamentally unique approach to decision-making, one in which adheres closely to the ideals of capitalism in the Knowledge Age. The 21st Century “Knowledge Age” has aptly been named as such because of the way businesses are placing an emphasis on knowledge and ideas to foster economic growth. We believe that it is early in the Knowledge Age, and that there is vast, untapped potential in the form of human knowledge capital.

While the inqiri solution takes a different approach to solving organizational and decision-making processes in the workplace than the one outlined by Mr. Hoffman, we do as an organization stand by one of Mr. Hoffman’s messages:

“Innovation is never-ending.”

In the next year, we will continually identify ways to improve the inqiri solution. We are looking forward to other events in which we can contribute to the discussion and highlight the latest knowledge, insight, and thoughts from the leaders in the business, marketing, and human resources communities.

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inqiri is a web application on the leading edge of cognitive science. Combining the insights of collective intelligence with the power of synthetic intelligence, inqiri helps optimize the decision-making process.

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