2014 Looking Bright for Reno

The Northern Nevada economy felt the effects of the recession caused by the financial crisis of 2007-2008. However, 2014 shows promising signs for a growing economy in the Reno-Sparks area. Two long closed buildings are being renovated, along with many entrepreneurs selecting Reno as the town to start a business. In fact, to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit many of the businesses developed what is known as “Startup Row.”

inqiri is among one of the leading companies driving growth in Reno’s local economy. Find out more about Startup Row.

Startup Row is Taking Root in Reno

Reno’s downtown was hit hard by the recession, putting the breaks on the redevelopment efforts for the city. However, the real estate crash led to much more affordable rent making Reno a premier location from entrepreneurs to start a business. In fact, many entrepreneurs saw the opportunity that Reno presented and started what is known as “Startup Row.”

inqiri is one of the leading companies behind start up row and is proud of the growth to the economy created by all the new businesses. Take a look at all of the emerging startups in this article published by the Reno Gazette-Journal.

On Our First Anniversary

Today marks our first anniversary. It’s been a full year since we began the journey that ultimately became inqiri. It has been an interesting year with lots of ups and downs, but here we are, having survived our first year.

Anniversaries are always a good time to reflect on the year gone by, take stock of your present situation, and look forward to the year ahead. This blog post will focus on those three themes.

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CEO and Founder, James Elste, Talks Energy and Enthusiasm Behind the inqiri Solution

James Elste

“Being an executive isn’t about making decisions. It’s about galvanizing people to action,” James Elste said emphatically, halfway through his Whiskey Wednesday interview. The apex of the Whiskey Wednesday interviews rightly concludes with James Elste, inqiri’s CEO and Founder. In 2011, after a long career in cyber-security, Elste began letting a particular idea percolate. That idea was how collective intelligence could affect decision-making.

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Overcoming Cognitive Bias for Better Business Decision-Making

Paramount to the success of any business is the ability to make strategic decisions. Bad decisions will result in financial loss; the worst decisions can be fatal, even for Goliath companies.  The crux of overcoming bad decision-making is realizing what is behind those poor decisions in the first place. Understanding a pattern of deviation in judgment, known as cognitive bias, is an important first step in alleviating poor decision-making. The inqiri solution solves the issues generated by many of the common cognitive biases by removing the ability to form illogical inferences and approach a decision with a clear, concise, and systematic way. Continue reading Overcoming Cognitive Bias for Better Business Decision-Making

inqiri’s First Live Tweeting Event

With the year quickly coming to a close, the inqiri team is looking forward to setting goals and strategies for the upcoming year. One of these goals is to continually find new ways to engage other like-minded individuals and organizations.

In line with this mission, the inqiri team participated in our first, “live-tweeting” event by tuning into a webinar hosted by Harvard Business Review. The webinar, “Calculating Success: Use Workplace Analytics to Revitalize Your Organization,” featured Carl Hoffman, the former Partner and Vice President of IBM’s Global Business Services group. It was an interesting first foray for the inqiri team to participate in such an event. With the exception of one other organization, the inqiri team appeared to be the only company taking the opportunity to live-tweet the event. While listening to Mr. Hoffman’s presentation, our goal was to produce thoughtful and meaningful contributions to the discussion. Continue reading inqiri’s First Live Tweeting Event