inqiri Team Presents at Tahoe Silicon Mountain

Tahoe Silicon Mountain Presentation

This past Monday, November 11, inqiri Co-Founders, James Elste and Travis Schwieger, presented the inqiri solution to a packed room at the monthly meeting of the Tahoe Silicon Mountain Group. The meeting brought together web and software developers, bloggers, and other entrepreneurial minds from all across the Tahoe region including Incline Village, Truckee, and Kings Beach.

Collaborative decision-making promises to improve the decision-making process and have a transformational effect on business. Over the proceeding two hours, Elste and Schwieger showed the room how the inqiri solution solves the problem of cognitive biases, which ultimately lead to bad decisions.

Elste began the night posing a simple question to the room:

“How many people here have ever had to make a decision?”

A number of hands raised.

“How many people here have ever made a bad decision?”

Only a few brave attendees admitted as much, but it led to an important point.

“Everybody’s made decisions. And everybody’s made bad decisions. It’s just the nature of decision-making.” Elste assured the room.

Sometimes those bad decisions are made by large companies.  In 1962, Decca Records refused to sign a record deal for four young, eager musicians. That band was the Beatles. In 1999, the excite company refused to buy a start-up from two guys. That start-up company is worth over $300 billion today. That start-up company is Google.

Elste emphasized these examples and other statistics as the reason why improving decisions is a top business priority today.

Collaborative decision-making utilizes the knowledge capital of the organization by using its individuals to contribute a unique perspective. Through the inqiri solution, individuals in a larger organization can help make a decision through a detailed process designed by the inqiri team.  Individuals contribute their top criteria for a decision, rate that criteria, select options and rate those options. The inqiri solution is designed to take this data and create analytics that will help show how a company as a whole would make a particular decision.

An important emphasis of the night, however, was that inqiri is a solution for individuals as well as businesses. The inqiri solution is available at any time, free of charge, to individuals looking to gain perspective on an important decision, like what is the best car for commuting or the best Tahoe mountain resort for winter sports. Businesses can choose between a number of different subscription options to use for the decision-making process in the organization and to gain access to advanced analytics.

The night ended with a great amount of enthusiasm for the inqiri solution. The inqiri team looks forward to future events hosted by the Tahoe Silicon Mountain Group and to see how the inqiri solution can help with businesses and entrepreneurs around the area.

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inqiri is a web application on the leading edge of cognitive science. Combining the insights of collective intelligence with the power of synthetic intelligence, inqiri helps optimize the decision-making process.

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