Seth Voltz Joins inqiri Team

Seth at Launch Party

On July 20th, inqiri CEO and founder, James Elste, invited Seth Voltz to join the inqiri team. Seth joined the team during a critical time, the Alpha Hackfest, and brought a new perspective to the inqiri solution. He is a self-proclaimed, “jack-of-all trades,” and in just three short months has accomplished a number of different projects for the company. Seth has built out the interface design and worked on the functionality of the application. Most recently, his role has transitioned to working on the advanced analytics system with Chief Data Architect and co-founder Travis Schwieger.

Seth took a pause from Whiskey Wednesday to answer five questions about joining the inqiri team: Continue reading Seth Voltz Joins inqiri Team

Black and White or Gray All Over: Why Decision-Making is Hard for Some

“We can either see our circumstances in terms of destiny, misfortune, or choice. And if we see it in terms of choice, we can start to think about all the things that are still possible, and use that to empower ourselves,” — Sheena Iyengar, S.T. Lee Professor of Business in the Management Division of the Columbia Business School.

The word “decision” comes with a slew of synonyms: determination, finding, judgment, selection, outcome, resolution, verdict, choice. With numerous ways to qualify one concept, it’s no surprise that for some, the ability to make a decision comes with an equally arduous process. Continue reading Black and White or Gray All Over: Why Decision-Making is Hard for Some

Reno City Council Supports Local Startup Community

Jim Elste - Reno Startups

This Wednesday I had an opportunity to provide testimony in support of a two hundred thousand dollar contract that will provide a funding source for startup accelerators in Reno.

On Wednesday, October 9th, the Reno City Council approved a contract to allocate $200,000 of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. With wide support from local entrepreneurs, this contract represents a step towards providing greater support for local startups, and the opportunity to grow the Reno startup community.

It was great to see the Reno City Council recognize the important role that the startup community plays in the local economy.  This contract and future local startup funding sources will help accelerate the development of local startups. Companies that don’t want to move to the Bay area or other locations, but want to stay, grow and contribute to the Reno economy.

With a focus on growing the technology economy, Reno continues to benefit from fostering the development of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. It was a privilege to be able to lend my voice and testify in support of this contract.

You can see the video (starting at 1 hour and 5 minutes) in the Reno City Council video archive.