Alpha Release Update

We have been extremely busy of the last few weeks and are overdue for an update on our progress. Last week we launched our alpha version in the MIT Media Lab eCitizenSalon Spotlight discussion on digital deliberation and decision-making. All of us here at inqiri thought it went spectacularly well, and were elated to have such an opportunity to demonstrate our inqiri Decision Optimization EngineTM and present our unique perspective on decision-making online. Continue reading Alpha Release Update

inqiri Alpha launches in MIT Media Lab Spotlight

Yesterday, I participated in the MIT Media Lab eCitizenSalon session on Deliberation and Decision-making Online. It was a very interesting discussion on the challenges with eDeliberation and decision-making, along with an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the inqiri solution. To make it a true milestone, we officially launched the ALPHA version of the inqiri solution. Continue reading inqiri Alpha launches in MIT Media Lab Spotlight

MIT eCitizenSalon Spotlights inqiri Solution

On Tuesday, July 23rd, I have the distinct privilege of participating in the MIT eCitizenSalon, which will be livecast from the MIT Media Lab. The agenda, speakers list and participation information will be posted on the eCitizen blog and at the research site. Continue reading MIT eCitizenSalon Spotlights inqiri Solution

What is a Decision?

We all know what a decision is; we make them all the time. The dictionary defines a decision as the “act or process of deciding” and as” reaching a determination after consideration.” In addition, the term decision can be defined as a “report or statement after the fact.” In the case of human decisions, we can extend the definition to include references to the cognitive processes that result in the selection of some course of action. Understanding that a decision is a cognitive process leading to an event, and how that process functions opens up a more in-depth examination of the question – What is a decision? Continue reading What is a Decision?

Collective Intelligence in the Database

I’ve worked for several predictive analytic/data modeling/artificial intelligence companies, and here at inqiri, we’re doing things a little differently.  We are utilizing the core functionality of database systems to efficiently process large sets of data and return meaningful results to our inqiri members. Continue reading Collective Intelligence in the Database