The Benefits of Community Involvement

Involvement in a community naturally brings many benefits to group members. The benefits of being in the community drive member involvement, creating a positive collaborative effect for the group as a whole. Though distinguishing the nuanced benefits of each community is not easy, there are several advantages to being involved, like access to knowledge, fulfillment of basic social needs, and collaborative efficiency.

Online communities allow access to an array of knowledge, experience, and differing opinions. Groups of people interested in common topics, hobbies, or causes combine their knowledge to create powerful resource. Online communities engaged in intellectual pursuits leverage the wisdom of the crowd to provide information and mental stimulation to its members.

Communities represent an extension of natural social interaction. Social groups intrinsically benefit members through camaraderie of participation, friendship, communication, and mutual interaction. Fulfillment of these basic needs naturally draws participation to the community. Social networks provide a meeting area, and allow enhanced communication between social groups that might not normally interact.  The interaction of a diverse group of people creates a richer collaborative environment.

Communities can multiply each individual’s contribution by working as a group. From hobby groups to social causes, communities unite those with similar interests or principles, and permit members to capitalize on a group that includes those most interested in the chosen topic or cause, and increases the prospects for accomplishing their shared goals. A group established to provide clean water in Africa would naturally include those most interested in the cause. Being a part of this kind of community, which is specifically oriented to accomplish something like solving clean water issues, allows for efficiency of communication and increased organization, and levels of accomplishment that would be practically impossible if attempted single-handedly.

Communities are an integral part of human socialization, and multiply the input of its members to beyond an individual’s capability. The digital age and massive online communities have expanded once insular sociological dynamics to a wider spectrum of participation. The benefits of community involvement match with basic human needs and allow those interested in certain topics to assemble and achieve their collective goals.

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