Shifting the Focus to Decision-making and our Solution

As we get closer to launch, we are shifting the focus of our blog posts to provide more a more explicit discussion of decision theory, the decision-making process, and how we are building these theories into a practical application with our Decision Optimization EngineTM.  We have laid the ground work in previous posts covering topics such as building a community, collaboration and crowdsourcing. All important and relevant topics, a necessary foundation that frames the future focus of our posts. Continue reading Shifting the Focus to Decision-making and our Solution

Crowdsourcing Isn’t Perfect

Crowdsourcing can open up tasks to a wide variety of people who can help contribute and collaborate in meaningful ways, though as powerful a tool as crowdsourcing can be, there are downsides. The very things that contribute to the potential of crowdsourcing, such as the lack of specific direction, the openness of the process, and the variety of results, can become significant weaknesses. This post will examine several crowdsourcing deficiencies, including the lack of structure, reliability of the results, and difficulty scaling to complex projects. Continue reading Crowdsourcing Isn’t Perfect

Rejigging Social Media Campaign Plans

The cascade effect of last week’s decision to postpone the launch until the TechCrunch Disrupt event in September has effected all aspects of our organization. This includes the plans for the Social Media Campaign and editorial calendar. While additional time is good, we have to consider the impact to the story we are telling and momentum we are generating through our social media efforts. Continue reading Rejigging Social Media Campaign Plans

Startup Plans Need to be Dynamic

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower puts planning and plans into proper perspective. It is often tempting to reverse the order and believe that the process of planning is of little value and that plans, once made, are fixed and inflexible. This is a dangerous attitude in a startup company. One that almost had us miss a golden opportunity. Continue reading Startup Plans Need to be Dynamic

Crowdsourcing Done Right

There are a number of ways to channel the power of crowdsourcing to solve or assist in projects. Whether it is funding, editing code, or providing traffic data, the crowd can contribute to a process and improve the results. Companies like Kickstarter, Github, and Waze are prime examples of the successful implementation of crowd sourcing. These companies are capitalizing on the phenomenon of crowdsourcing and demonstrate the right way to tap into the “wisdom of the crowd.” Continue reading Crowdsourcing Done Right

Crowdsourcing Fundamentals

The proliferation of computer resources, increased user access, and the high integration of information in everyday life allows more and more people to tap into the potential of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is defined as the practice of obtaining services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, especially the online community. In this blog post, we go over the fundamentals of crowdsourcing, such as its contemporary meaning, reasons for use, and the various forms of crowdsourcing.

Continue reading Crowdsourcing Fundamentals

The Power of a Well-Designed User Interface

Last week I wrote about the work we are doing on the algorithms that are a critical component of our solution. This week I wanted to focus on the work we are doing on the design front, and highlight our efforts to create a simple, functional user interface. In particular, I am convinced that a well-designed UI is a powerful part of the overall solution.

Continue reading The Power of a Well-Designed User Interface

Collaboration Provides a Variety of Benefits

We have been discussing communities and collaboration, and while the benefits of communities and collaboration are similar, successful collaboration provides a specific set of advantages. The benefits of collaboration include working as a group, leveraging combined resources, accelerating innovation, and creating constructive relationships. Continue reading Collaboration Provides a Variety of Benefits

Promoting a Collaborative Environment

Collaboration in both business and personal life can be essential to achieving shared goals. Promoting a collaborative environment is an indispensable process that starts with ensuring team member awareness of various roles, responsibilities, and goals. When team members are aware of their roles and the group’s objectives, motivation for effective collaboration becomes clear. The well-informed team, prepared to collaborate, must then have access to resources. Ensuring group awareness, access to resources, and the utilization of a range of collaborative work methods can streamline and facilitate collaboration.

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